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Hey Robb Monn,
Adorable, adorable baby. I see that you're a busy guy. Tell me about the family and what you're up to. I'm 2 1/2 months away from Baby #2. Hope all is well.
Renee from gw


Hey, so I want to go ahead and reserve Agatha for July and August of 2005. I'll be doing some traveling and I'll need her along for some of my con operations. Rob, if you could put up a calender so that I and others could reserve the time we're going to be borrowing her from you.

Seriously, she just too cute. I'm envious, but you guys deserve it. Talk to you soon.


Hey Robb --

Found you... and your beautiful little girl. You look like one happy daddy. (Ta Daaaaa!)

Hope you're lovin' life and all.


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